Roadmap for an Effective e-Government Ecosystem

28.10.2022 09:00 UTC+3

Workshop at the Tanzania Annual ICT Conference 2022

Digital transformation for development

The Tanzania Annual ICT Conference (TAIC) is one of the largest international gatherings of the ICT industry. Held in Tanzania, it offers a unique platform for capacity building, policy dialogues, business investors networking, professional discussion, experience and knowledge sharing on global ICT issues.

The 6th TAIC was held from 26-28 October 2022 in Zanzibar, with a focus on the role of ICT for social-economic development and the attainment of Tanzania's Development Vision and Sustainable Development Goals. It featured 3 days of exhibitions, workshops, paper presentations, and an ICT investors roundtable. The AU-EU D4D Hub joined the event by facilitating the workshop "Roadmap for an effective e-Government ecosystem".


The AU-EU D4D Hub at TAIC 2022

Thank you for joining our workshop

The AU-EU D4D Hub, through the Estonian ICT Cluster (ITL), organised a workshop on e-Governance to give practical guidance on the main steps to develop a resilient digital transformation roadmap. The topics that were covered include:

  • A short introduction to the e-Estonia story.
  • Key pillars of an effective e-government ecosystem: data and registries, data exchange, digital identity, and cybersecurity.
  • Development of citizen services on top of the key pillars: e-justice, public finance management, and e-education.


Daniel Erik Schaer, Ambassador at Large for economic cooperation with Africa


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