Supporting Africa's digital transformation

The African Union – European Union (AU-EU) Digital for Development (D4D) Hub supports African institutions to lay grounds for an inclusive and sustainable digital transformation.

The project works with African governments and regional organisations to advance digital cooperation with European partners.


The AU-EU D4D Hub offers African institutions end-to-end support:

Technical assistance

Increasing the capability of regional and national institutions to develop and operationalise digital transformation plans.


Stronger partnerships for a prosperous digital future

In 2022, the AU-EU D4D Hub consolidated its role as an entry point to access technical expertise on human-centric digital transformation, becoming a dynamic facilitator of collaboration between Team Europe (including the European Union and its Member States) and African countries. Key milestones include the coordination of the Africa-Europe D4D Hub Multi-Stakeholder Forum, the launch of the D4D Access knowledge platform, and the rolling out of demand-driven technical assistance.


Discover our knowledge sharing platform

D4D Access is a new knowledge platform that centralises, promotes, and disseminates good practices and lessons on Digital for Development (D4D). Covercing a wide range of topics, from e-governance to digital entrepreneurship, D4D Access contains many useful resources to support digital stakeholders in Africa and Europe – including public institutions, donors, academia, companies, and civil society organisations – to advance an inclusive and sustainable digital transformation.


Request technical assistance

The AU-EU D4D Hub’s technical assistance is demand-driven, meaning that African institutions can request any of the services offered by the project according to their own priorities. The first step in the request process is to submit the following form to help us better understand your needs.


Latest news


Uganda bets on e-procurement to advance efficiency and transparency in the public sector

With the support of the AU-EU D4D Hub, Uganda’s public procurement authority travelled to Estonia to learn about the country’s digital transformation journey and launch a digital roadmap of their own

Five recommendations to achieve gender equality in the digital age

An online brainstorming organised by the AU-EU D4D Hub gathered good practices and recommendations to close the gender digital divide

A new digital transformation roadmap for Tanzania

The AU-EU D4D Hub supports the Government of Tanzania to develop digital economy and services

Kenya: Putting data privacy at the heart of the debate

A new podcast series aims to help SMEs in Kenya comply with data protection regulations

Listening to youth voices on Internet governance priorities

Three young African leaders joined the AU-EU D4D Hub activities at IGF 2022

Rwanda and France sign new deal to improve digital public services and support innovations with high development potential

The deal follows a technical assistance mission delivered through the AU-EU D4D Hub project

AU-EU D4D Hub and the Government of Uganda seek to boost e-government through postal system

A new technical assistance mission led by Enabel aims to improve the provision of digital public services

Comprehensive approach needed to tackle online disinformation in Africa and Europe, say experts

Takeaways of the Town Hall debate "Jointly tackling disinformation while protecting human rights", organised by the AU-EU D4D Hub at IGF 2022.

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Strengthening the AU-EU digital partnership

Under the strategic guidance of the African Union Commission and the European Commission, our project contributes to operationalising the AU-EU digital cooperation agenda.

Implementing partners

The AU-EU D4D Hub project is co-financed by the European Union and is implemented by: