• Shaping a sustainable digital future for all

    We strive to place people at the heart of digital economies and societies worldwide.

  • 2.02.2023

    A new digital transformation roadmap for Tanzania

    The AU-EU D4D Hub supports the Government of Tanzania to develop digital economy and services
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  • 27.01.2023

    Expanding professional opportunities through digital skills

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  • 25.01.2023

    Kenya: Putting data privacy at the heart of the debate

    A new podcast series aims to help SMEs in Kenya comply with data protection regulations
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The Digital for Development (D4D) Hub is a new form of global digital cooperation with the European Union (EU). We are aligning EU digital initiatives for an increased impact. The strategic multi-stakeholder platform promotes new international partnerships on digital transformation between the European Union and partner countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean and EU Eastern Neighborhood. Our joint mission is a human-centric approach to digital transformation: Facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogues, sharing digital expertise and fostering investments of diverse European and global partners. Only if we join forces through digital cooperation, we can take on this global challenge and untap digital opportunities.

our vision

Joining European forces for global digital cooperation

We strive for a digital transformation worldwide that is centered around people’s needs and fundamental rights. In the digital era, digital cooperation accelerates progress towards the Agenda 2030 through leaving no one behind by closing digital divides, including the gender digital divide.

Our vision is to shape a digital world with equal and sustainable opportunities for everyone.


All our partnerships and initiatives are guided by five principles

1Win-win partnerships:

Facilitate partnerships that foster digital cooperation based on local demand and ownership.


Launch of D4D Hub Latin America and the Caribbean

The recording of the event is now available

AU-EU D4D Hub project

Supporting Africa’s digital transformation

As the D4D Hub’s first operational project, the AU-EU D4D Hub strengthens collaboration and dialogues between African and European stakeholders for a fair and inclusive digital society and economy in Africa.


Learn everything about our latest projects

The D4D Hub facilitates digital cooperation among European and international partners for a sustainable and inclusive digital future globally. Take a look at our innovative projects.


Tools and Methods

Innovative tools and methods are key to put D4D initiatives into effect. Are you interested in shaping a D4D initiative or project? Explore practical guidelines for strategic planning and implementation of your digital solutions.

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